Getting Name Dog Tags For Your Pet?

Read this to prevent making the #1 common mistake… All dog owners make!

Getting name dog tags has been giving dog owners headaches since we decided to give our dogs names, tags and call them pets.

name dog tags

There’s an infinite number of choices online and one can not be blamed for not knowing where to start…

That’s why we’ve created this exclusive Merge Mag guide that will show you how to get your name dog tags for free!

FREE! How is that possible?

To know how, you first need to know why…

More than 5 dogs a day go missing without any form of name tags to help identify the dog or their owners…

That’s over 1825 dogs going missing every year!

And that’s just in the United Kingdom!

So ask yourself, what would you do if your dog went missing today?

Have you got any name dog tags on their collars?

Probably not. So here’s how to solve that!

You can either make your own by following the video below:


You can get your dog a beautiful name dog tags that come with free engraving displaying your dogs name and contact information at home, right now! For Free…

So now there is NO excuse for your dog to ever leave home without a name on their tags.

How can you do this?

We’ve teamed up with “Dog Tags For Pets” (the coolest social pet brand online) to get you exclusive name dog tags for free!

Simply visit today to activate the Merge Mag offer.

For engraving visit the facebook page by clicking the link above and message them directly quoting your order.

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For more information on dog name tags click here

Engraved Dog Tags For Pets – The Pet Owners Best Gift & Why

Your pet takes up a unique spot in your life. He or she is your best friend, a loving companion and an unquestioning source of laughter and joy for you and your family.

dog pet id tags

If you ask a pet-lover just what it is they get from having that special furry fellow in their lives, they’d probably find themselves a bit tongue-tied: there’s just too much good stuff to be said about owning a pet…

But, you know this!

And so, to you, it’s all the more important that you give a special show of appreciation once in a while.

And even more so if it keeps them safe!

Engraved dog tags for pets can offer just the sort of shine your cuddly chum deserves by helping you in those tough days when they get lost exploring.

Moreover, if you know someone who has ever lost a pet, even for a few minutes, it can be a heartrending experience. Engraved tags not only help prevent this happening but also ensure that if he or she goes wandering off to a strange place, someone will know how to get in touch with you when they find them.

engraved pet dog tags

You’ve probably considered making the purchase before – after all, pets constantly remind their owners how important they are – but upon heading into the grooming parlor have been taken back by the jaw-dropping price id tags for pets are these days. Many of the services that include a “free’ dog or cat tags” are followed by a massive report of terms and conditions to follow.

So, It’s a good thing we’ve found an alternative…

engraved dog tags for pets

4Paws offers wonderfully specialized, engraved dog tags for pets without the hassle of high street retailers and beautification parlors and at half the price!

What’s more, they’re completely free (for a limited time only) – simply visit the site below, choose your tag and claim your offer and we’ll send them off the next time the postman drops in.

And yes, that includes the price of engraving too! All you need to need to do is cover the shiping and tell us where to send it :)

Creating a special gift that will ensure your pet never gets lost is now easier than ever before.

All the tags are made from metals that are 100% tested to ensure NO harm is done to your pet.

Why not drop in on 4Paws’ newest outlet website: and take a look?

We have loads of new offers running at the moment and after all, even if the little fellow doesn’t like the color you choose, you can always gift him another for his next birthday.

For more information on pet tags click here
Alternatively you can find more about engraved dog tags for pets and how they’re made in the video below: