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Read this to prevent making the #1 common mistake… All dog owners make!

Getting pet id with an engraved tag has been giving dog owners headaches since we decided to give our dogs names, tags and call them pets.

There’s an infinite number of choices online and one can not be blamed for not knowing where to start…

That’s why we’ve created this exclusive Merge Mag guide that will show you how to get your name dog tags for free!

FREE! How is that possible?

To know how, you first need to know why…

More than 5 dogs a day go missing without any form of name tags to help identify the dog or their owners…

That’s over 1825 dogs going missing every year!

And that’s just in the United Kingdom!

So ask yourself, what would you do if your dog went missing today?

Have you got any pet id on their tags or collars?

Probably not. So here’s how to solve that!

pet id

You can either make your own by following the video below:


You can get your pet beautiful id tags that come with free engraving displaying your dogs name and contact information at home, right now! For Free…

So now there is NO excuse for your dog to ever leave home without pet id on their tags.

How to get FREE Pet iD?

We’ve teamed up with Dog Tags For Pets (the coolest social pet brand online) to get you exclusive name dog tags for free!

For engraving visit the facebook page by and message them directly quoting your order.

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For more information on fancy pet id tags click here…

pet id microchipping

Or alternatively you can read more in a special post by the New York Times by clicking the link below: