How to Choose a Commercial Fridge to Perfectly Suit Your Business

If you run a catering or food business, you will understand the need for an excellent commercial fridge. This article shares some advice on how to choose the best fridge to meet your needs.

Commercial kitchens must meet certain health and safety requirements and laws. These include storing foods at the correct temperature. Keeping raw uncooked foods away from cooked, prepared foods, and ensuring there is no cross-contamination.

This is not as easy as some people think refrigerator repair los angeles. For example, if your business serves hot and cold food, savoury and sweet, then you will need fridges for raw meats, vegetables and then also, you will need chilled cabinets for the prepared foods. The correct shelving and storage within a commercial fridge is essential to ensure the various foods types are kept separate and remain uncontaminated by raw produce.

Restaurants can be shut down if inspectors find raw meat juices are contaminating baked goods! And who would want to eat a cream cake that previously had raw beef sitting beside it? The best commercial fridge suppliers understand that a fridge or freezer is not just another piece of equipment. These appliances are essential parts of delivering good quality, healthy food to your customers and they are an important part of ensuring your business is operating legally.

Commercial refrigeration is designed to keep foods at much lower temperature so that it can keep for longer. There are guidelines for every type of food, how long it can be stored, and the temperature it should be stored at. The best suppliers will be able to advise you on the models which will suit the type of food you prepare and the amount of produce you need to store.

All restaurants, caf├ęs, coffee shops, cafeterias, and eating establishments need to have the correct chilling and refrigeration equipment in order to keep the food fresh. Commercial fridges are more powerful than domestic appliances. They are also built to stand up to the rigours of a busy commercial kitchen.

Consider the space you have in your premises. If space is at a premium, you may need to consider some re-modelling in order to have room for the large commercial appliances you will need. Think about ease of use too. There is little point situating a fridge in a basement or away from a kitchen when it is needed constantly. Likewise, you may be able to store your freezer elsewhere, away from the busy kitchen floor, since it won’t be needed as much during working hours.

The size of your business premises, the number of plates you cover at each sitting and the amount of produce you need to store and display will all contribute to your decision about which appliances to purchase. You can also consider specialty refrigeration like a multideck display fridge, or a chilled patisserie so customers can see the produce that’s for sale. These options can also help save space too, since you will be utilizing space in the main body of your establishment. They are also a great way to let customers see the goods that are for sale.

Think carefully before investing in a commercial fridge. Check if the appliance has a warranty, find out what cleaning and maintenance it requires, and above all, ensure you are dealing with an excellent, reputable supplier.

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